Intern Spotlight: Marybeth Duke

Meet Marybeth Duke, a student at Cleveland State University majoring in Chemical Engineering. She has been working alongside members of our Materials Engineering team in the lab at our Corporate Office and participating in product development meetings when our materials team is involved. Marybeth was kind enough to complete an intern questionnaire for us, outlining her time with Mar-Bal, her major and things she enjoys outside of academics.

1. How did you find the internship opportunity with Mar-Bal?
I found this internship opportunity with Mar-Bal at the Cleveland State Engineering Career Fair in Fall of 2021.

2. What were you hoping to learn during your internship?
Before I started my internship, I was hoping to learn a little bit about the process of formulating and how to collect and analyze data for R&D. I was also curious as to how the R&D department interacted with production and customers.

3. What have you learned while interning with Mar-Bal
So far during my internship I have learned how to make material in small batches and test different mechanical and electrical properties. I have learned to organize data I have collected and present my findings. Additionally, I have been exposed to how engineers at the Painesville plant designed the automated production system and manage the daily operations. I have seen a little bit of how to interact with suppliers and individuals from other departments within Mar-Bal. Now, I am starting to learn a little bit about formulating and how to design experiments to create a formula that with have specific properties.

4. What is your impression of Mar-Bal as a company in terms of the customers we serve and products and materials that have been and are in development?
My impression of Mar-Bal as a company is that they value accuracy and precision to meet the customers’ needs and are innovative because they are looking for ways to improve their current product or finding ways to incorporate better raw materials.

5. What is one of your most memorable moments thus far during your internship?
My most memorable moments thus far during my internship have been getting know the people I work with and learning from their experiences. I enjoy the atmosphere at Mar-Bal and can easily go to anyone for help or to ask questions.

6. How did you decide upon your major?
I chose chemical engineering as my major because in high school I enjoyed and excelled in all my math and science classes. Engineering has always been appealing to me because I really like solving problems and creating new things. Chemistry has always fascinated me as well, so I felt chemical engineering would be the perfect choice for me.

7. What do you like to do outside of school and your internship?
Outside of school and my internship, I enjoy traveling, visiting national parks, and running. I also like exploring places around the Cleveland area to find new places to eat, shop or hike.