Engineered BMC & Thermoset Composite Materials

Thermoset Compounding

Mar-Bal, a leader in thermoset compound extrusion, provides engineered BMC and thermoset composite materials well-suited for a wide variety of applications across a spectrum of industries. All standard grades can be injection, compression and transfer molded.

Our expertise extends beyond the materials listed below. If your application is specialized, Mar-Bal’s professional material engineering team will customize materials to fit your job and meet your exact specifications.

Mar-Bal BMC Materials Properties and Product Selection

Mar-Bal BMC Materials Chart US

      Mar-Bal BMC Materials Chart Metric

Performance Characteristics

Mar-Bal puts dependable performance first. We proudly carry certifications and accreditations that recognize industry standards and excellence.

  • UL. Listed (Click for Link to UL Data Sheets, BMC Material)
  • FDA Approved
  • Automotive Approved
  • Flame Resistance
  • UV Resistance
  • Track Resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Excellent Dimensional Stability
  • Color Shift-Non-Yellowing Resistance
  • Chemical and Corrosion Resistance
  • ESD-Electrostatic Dissipation
  • U.L. Relative Thermal Index Rating Up to 160°C
  • Powder Coating and Paintable Materials

Our plastic compounding process and polymer compounding process produce materials to the highest standards.

Mar-Bal Materials Designations

The first four digits of the designation represent the series.

The two digits after the series designate the glass percentage.

Types of Composite Materials by Mar-Bal, Plastic Resin Manufacturer USA
1000 Series

An easily customized, general purpose material. The 1000 Series is designed for Powder Coating and Electrostatic painting applications.

2000 Series

An excellent flame and track resistant material possessing outstanding electrical and mechanical properties. The 2000 Series’ good dielectric strength and low shrink allow close dimensional control.

3000 Series

A superior chemical-resistant material with excellent flame and track resistance. When these characteristics are critical to your application, the 3000 Series delivers.

4000 Series

The best high track resistant material. A flame retardant polyester molding compound with moderate strength, excellent electrical properties and exceptional arc and track resistance. When higher track resistance is critical – such as porcelain replacement in insulators or other electrical applications – the 4000 Series performs.

5500 Series

With a UL RTI rating of 160°C-170°C, the 5500 provides a superior heat resistant material for your application.

6000 Series

A low profile and low shrink automotive grade polyester molding compound. This material provides superior dimensional stability through thermal cycling and maintains an excellent molded surface that is ideal for metallization. Typical applications include automotive headlamp parabolic net shapes.

7000 Series

This series of highly engineered polyester BMC product is designed for extreme heat exposure. This product family employs an RTI of up to 200⁰ Cwhich is an industry first. Applications include HVAC, Electrical, and other applications where continuous high heat exposure is likely to occur.

10000-45 Series

Is a polyester bulk molding compound designed for exceptional mechanical performance This composite is designed for structural applications where strength, chemical resistance, and long-term performance are critical for the molded component.

How will your material be maintained and formed?

Once you know the material that meets your specifications, Mar-Bal will ensure the quality you expect. Mar-Bal continuously monitors materials throughout the manufacturing process.

You’ll get the material you choose in the form most suited for your application.

Click to view Quality Maintenance and Product Forms.

*Values shown are based on standard tests on specified configurations and are offered as a guide. No other guarantee is implied. Characteristics are subject to variations as applied to a specific design. Except for any written warranties which may be given by Mar-Bal, Inc., no express or implied warranties are made, and ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED. Buyers’ exclusive remedies are limited solely to repair or replacement of nonconforming goods, and CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARE EXCLUDED.

Advanced composite materials are our business. From standard offerings to custom thermoset composites, Mar-Bal meets the demands of every job with accuracy, quality, and dependability backed by customer service customers can count on.

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