What are Composites

Composites are solid materials composed of two or more materials with different physical characteristics.  Each substance independently contributes its physical properties to combined materials.

Themoset composites are blends of various  resins, such as polyester, isopolyester, vinylester, epoxy and phenolic, combined with inert fillers, fiber reinforcements, catalysts, stabilizers, release agents, thickeners and pigments that form viscous compounds, which are injection,  compression and transfer moldable. Thermoset composites cure through heat, chemical reaction and pressure to form an inter-linked molecular structure which permanently maintains its form and cannot be melted, reformed or dissolved.

Thermoset Composites

  • Formed by a cross-linked network
  • Polymer chain bound by strong chemical bonding
  • Cross linked network is stable to heat & other harsh conditions
  • Rigid and strong
  • Molded by heat and pressure

Like thermoset composites, thermoplastic composite combine fiber, fillers and other materials. Thermoplastic are formed under heat and solidify as they cool.  Unlike thermosets, thermoplastic can melt and reform.

Thermoplastic Resin

  • Thermoplastic resin-thermosoftening plastic
  • Linear or branched polymer bound via weak physical bonding.
  • Are elastic and flexible
  • Mold by manipulation of temperatures


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