Thermoset Composites Properties

Mar-Bal’s thermoset composites are not one material but rather a family of formulations. Each formulation exhibits unique sets of properties that make them an ideal choice for their applications.  Thermoset Composites and Mar-Bal have the ability to tailor a customizable formulation to meet a demanding application. 

Thermoset Composites can be formulated for the following properties:

High heat resistance/Low heat transfer – Thermoset composites remain stable in high and dynamic temperature applications making them highly suitable for use in cookware, sanitary applications and appliances.  In addition, thermoset composites have good insulating properties making them suitable for handling hot materials and for use in high temperature environments.

High strength to weight ratio – Composites have one of the highest strength to weight ratios for any structural material available today.  Because of their unique molecular structure, thermoset composites can be formulated to be light, yet strong enough to be used in aircraft wings and fuselages.  In addition, composites can be developed to have strength in one direction.  This means that less material is required to achieve the strengths required for specific applications.

Durability – Because of their rigid inter-linking molecular structure, inert chemical composition, and resistance to UV and chemical attack, thermoset composites are very durable.  Structures made of composites have a long life and need little maintenance. Many composites have been in service for more than half a century. 

Low shrinkage/Zero shrinkage – Thermoset Composites can be formulated to closely control and even eliminate shrinkage.  They are often used in the auto and transportation industries where zero or near zero shrinkage is required.  In addition, composites do not expand in high-heat and moist conditions making them suitable for marine and industrial environments.

Flame resistance – Thermoset Composites can be formulated to attain UL approval and flammability performance to meet Underwriter Laboratory standards UL94 HB, V-0 & 5VA for electrical applications as found in UL file E53587.

Low smoke generation/Flame spread –  Thermoset Composite materials can be formulated to conform to ASTM E162, E662 and E84 standards for flame spread and smoke generation.

UV stable – Composites can be formulated to exhibit superior color fastness and resistance to UV degradation.

Corrosion resistant – Because composites do not contain metal, composites perform well in corrosive environments.

Chemical resistant – Thermoset Composites are resistant to most industrial solvents and corrosive chemicals.   This makes them ideally suitable for exposed industrial plants, food processing, kitchen and marine environments.

Dielectric properties – Thermoset Composites can exhibit outstanding dielectric strength and track resistance.  Composites are suitable for use in electrical applications requiring materials that possesses dielectric properties and flammability performance conforming to UL94 HB, V-0 & 5VA.  These standards can be found in Underwriters Laboratory file E53587.

Non-Magnetic – Because composites contain no metal, they can be used around magnetic and sensitive electronic equipment.   In addition, thermoset composites do not interfere with radio and microwave transmission making them a good choice for enclosure using advance control systems.

Molding Accuracy – Thermoset Composites can be molded to tolerances accurate enough to eliminate machining  and other secondary operations.  Molded components maintain their original dimensions under a wide range of conditions.

Controlled Surface finish – Thermoset Composites can also be molded to mimic any surface finish or texture, from pebbly to extremely smooth.

Paint and Metal Coating – Thermoset Composites can be formulated to accept a variety of paint and other coatings.  They can also be coated with a variety of metal surfaces using physical vapor deposition (PVD).

Coloration – Thermoset Composites can be formulated in a wide variety of colors.  Colors are consistent throughout the material, therefore their color cannot be scratched or abraded.  Because thermoset composites can be formulated for UV resistance, colors remain vibrant longer than painted or coated material.

Controlled Stain Resistance – Thermoset Composites can be formulated to allow or resist staining.  Themoset composites are used in stainable building materials such as entry doors and moldings.