Consistent with The One-Source, integrated manufacturing model, Mar-Bal is the leading molder2014-02-12-MAR-BAL-PLANT (68) of custom Thermoset Composite components. Mar-Bal has over 50 years of thermoset composites molding experience and will lead the collaboration in the design, material selection and/or development and mold making processes to ensure consistent, quality results. Mar-Bal houses a full range of thermoset molding capabilities.

  • Custom Molding of BMC, SMC, Polyester, Phenolics and Epoxy
    • Injection Molding
    • Compression Molding
    • Transfer Molding
  • Multiple facilities for capacity and risk mitigation
  • Insert Molding
  • Injection-Molded-Knob-with-Operator50 to 1000 ton Press Capacities
  • Unique with an Integrated Press ReBuilding and Customization Group
  • Customized and dedicated manufacturing cells
  • Robotics tooling capabilities
    • Programming
    • End-of-arm tooling and fixtures
    • Long-term cost and quality advantages.
    • Improvement in efficiency.
  • Real-time, Shop Floor ERP System powered by IQMS
  • Handle-Production-Buffing-OperationAutomated de-flashing and finishing
  • Custom Packaging
  • Tool rooms on site at each manufacturing facility

As company policy, your new Mar-Bal tooling will be maintained at no additional cost for the duration of its expected mold-life, except when the customer makes engineering or design changes. This preventative maintenance program for molds is second to none in the industry and is, therefore, integral to your demands for concise quality over the design-life of the part.We guarantee full service mold repair at all plants. From front-end engineering support to a thorough follow-up,
you can depend on Mar-Bal’s specialists to produce only long-life, high quality parts.

Injection-Molded-Insulator-Operation2014-02-12-MAR-BAL-PLANT (60)2014-02-12-MAR-BAL-PLANT (64)