Mar-Bal offers full service support during product design. Mar-Bal provides system mold design to optimize design at a cost that is competitive in the marketplace and ensures long-term performance of your product.


Mar-Bal’s product engineering team can design a custom part to meet demanding and hostile environments and provide for parts consolidation and function with molded-in inserts and eliminate secondary processing.  Further, through our structured Program Management system, we will effectively manage your project to ensure that we deliver on-time to meet or exceed your expectations.

  • Mar-Bal/Customer Design Collaboration and Program Management Program
    • Part
    • Material
    • Tooling
    • Manufacturing
    • Finishing
    • Continuous Improvement
  • Early supplier involvement on part and tooling design ensures long term quality that delivers cost effectiveness for our customers
  • Product design engineering assistance
  • Complete Product, Part Design Resources
  • Pro/E & SolidWorks, 3D, CAD
    • Capable to read DWG, DXF, IGES, S&P, STL files
  • Structural FEA Capabilities
  • Design for Manufacturing


  • Tooling DesignMAR-BAL-QUEENSWAY (22)
    • Complete tool engineering design
    • Design and create custom tools to deliver your product
    • Complete management of tool design, source and build
    • Global sources for molds and equipment
    • Tool rooms on site at each manufacturing facility
  • Mold-flow analysis for enhanced part design
  • Prototype and model capabilities
  • Value Engineering
  • Dedicated engineering presses for material sampling and process development
  • Physical and Mechanical Part Testing
  • Press Building and Customization – Frame Up Restoration by Mar-Bal’s own Advanced Manufacturing Group
  • Structured Program Management System
    • Dedicated Program Manager
    • Assistance and leadership in delivering your product to the market quickly
    • Project Collaboration and timely reviews to ensure project is delivered on-time and on budget
    • Cross Functional Teams
    • Gantt-Timeline Charts
    • Schedule Management and Compliance
    • Action Registers
    • Control Plans/PPAP
    • Shared Results Between Mar-Bal and Customers


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