Mar-Bal’s Scott Balogh honored for Smart Vision

Corporate College Smart 50, presented by Smart Business

Smart Business Magazine Press Release: Smart 50 Award Press Release May 2014

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neo_ScottBaloghScott Balogh, President and CEO, Mar-Bal, Inc.

With the leadership, communication and collaboration skills he learned as an IBM sales manager, President and CEO Scott Balogh has developed innovation strategies for Mar-Bal via business processes, engineering and customer engagement.

A structured sales pipeline has enabled the company to better identify opportunities. By having the executive team attend a monthly sales forum, resources are better marshaled, resulting in more than $20 million in new business within the past two years.

Balogh has focused on talent acquisition in engineering, and established an innovation award given to a team of cross-functional colleagues that developed the most innovative product or process.

He also challenged the sales team to put key account managers and engineering technical leads in front of the customer more often. This became a program called Knowledge Share, where 20 different technical discussions on the benefits and advantages of thermoset composites increased quotation requests and created new business.

Corporate College congratulates the Smart 50

Smart50_2014_EmailBugCuyahoga Community College, a member of the League for Innovation in the Community College, is a nationally-recognized leader in higher education; as a result, developing innovative training solutions for the business community that make a difference is embedded in the culture of Corporate College, a Division of Cuyahoga Community College. The Corporate College mission is to provide best-in-class client solutions to our business community and strategic partners through customized training for organizations and professional development for individuals. We also provide conference and hospitality services for business meetings and events.

Since our inception in 2003, Corporate College has worked with organizations from all sectors and professionals at all levels. We run our organization as businesses would run theirs, and emphasize the same ingredients for success found in business and industry. That culture enables Corporate College to better connect with and understand the challenges and goals that leaders and organizations face.

We are honored to partner with Smart Business to present the Corporate College Smart 50 Awards to celebrate and recognize Northeast Ohio’s top executives for their ability to effectively build and lead innovative and “smart” organizations. All the honorees make a difference in their organizations and the region in many ways, including innovation, impact on employment and business sustainability.

These large, midsized and emerging companies have leaders who motivate and inspire people. They have a passion for what they do and are committed to unsurpassed customer service. The executives we are celebrating are able to tackle unique business challenges and to continue to lead their organization on a path to success.

On behalf of Corporate College and Cuyahoga Community College, I congratulate the inaugural members of the Corporate College Smart 50, presented by Smart Business.

Robert J. Peterson, J.D., CPA
President and CEO
Corporate College, a Division of Cuyahoga Community College

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