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Continuing to cultivate innovative growth into the multi-million dollar warning surfaces market and build upon their rich history of product development via their proprietary Detectable Warning Systems™ (DWS) safety product line, Mar-Bal, Inc. (Mar-Bal: Chagrin Falls, OH) is progressively launching their CastIron premium gray iron detectable warning plate. Made in the USA, this cast iron plate was developed to be installer friendly while meeting or exceeding ADA and DOT specifications for detectable warnings.

Designed for use in cold harsh climates with snow removal concerns, as well as entities desiring longer-term durability, the CastIron plates feature premium Class 35 grade gray iron strength–the highest level made in the USA. A unique “rib” design makes it lighter (45.0 lbs.) than standard competitive plates on the market. This equates to an easier and quicker installation without sacrificing strength or rigidity.

Installations are further simplified by a central vent hole that releases trapped air, which also provides an even-set with no ensuing bubbles. Additionally, an advanced interlocking system fits easily and securely for perfectly aligned multiple-unit/adjacent plate installations.

Already one of the industry’s most complete lines of ADA compliant tactile warning surfaces, the addition of DWS’ CastIron superior slip-resistant truncated dome plates offers contractors, distributors, states, and municipalities a durable, proven tactile warning product specifically designed for easier installations and backed by a 7-year warranty.

CastIron Essential Features / Specs:

Extreme Durability:
• Premium Class 35 exterior grade gray iron
• Snow plow resistant for long-term performance

Contractor Friendly Installations:
• Unique interlocking system for adjacent plates
• Vent hole on top to release air and ensure solid embedment
• Lighter weight for fast, easy installation

ADA / DOT Compliance:
• Meets or exceeds standard specification requirements of AASHTO M 333-16 for detectable warning surfaces
• Truncated domes at a nominal height of .2”, diameter of .9” and center-to-center spacing of 2.4”
• Pedestrian safe slip resistance of 1.2 dry / .72 wet per ASTM C1028

Aesthetically Pleasing: Weathers to a maintenance-free natural patina finish

CastIron Interlocking Installation:

CastIron’s plates can be installed quickly and easily in comparison to similar products on the market. After pouring concrete in designated areas and finishing to a smooth texture, simply place the detectable warning plate(s) in the specified location in regard to the curb line and ramp boundaries.

The Interlocking Installation system makes it easy. One side features two arches that extend outside the panel on the bottom. The other side features two tabs on the end (see image on the left).

After setting the first plate down (do not fully imbed in the concrete), the next plate is installed by putting the tabs on the bottom into the arches. This is the key to the Interlocking System which keeps adjacent panels together in the correct alignment.

Simply continue this process until all plates have been set onto the wet concrete. Finally, embed the plates flush with the concrete by tapping with a rubber mallet until they are level with the surface of the concrete. Any air under the plates will be evacuated through the air vent on the top.

CastIron Conclusion:

One of America’s fastest growing companies, privately held Mar-Bal provides their customers with comprehensive and integrated thermoset composite solutions including–part design, specialized material formulations, and customized automation. The addition and launch of CastIron to the proprietary DWS line of detectable warning surface products reflects this value-added focus, commitment to diversification, and the benefits of depth of product line.

According to Mar-Bal’s Director, Proprietary Products, Anthony Lignetta, “Designed to be lighter in weight, with higher durability, CastIron is an excellent choice for use in high pedestrian traffic applications and harsh climates. Plus, its unique interlocking design configuration will make challenging installations easier. Multiple markets and locations will benefit from this unique design including: Health Care/Disability, Rail/Transport, Architecture, Infrastructure, Universities/Education, etc.”

Providers of one of the most complete lines of ADA compliant and cost-effective detectable warning surface products on the market, DWS offers both composite, flexible, and cast iron materials for either cast-in-place or surface applied applications including the following brands: RediMat™ / AlertCast® / AlertTile® / CastIron

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Corporate Profile: Detectable Warning Systems is part of the Mar-Bal, Inc. proprietary family of products. Headquartered in Chagrin Falls, OH, Mar-Bal, Inc. has been an innovative leader in the custom composite, molding and material manufacturing industry since its founding in 1970. For over four decades Mar-Bal, Inc. has manufactured and engineered quality, customized parts and materials while delivering unmatched client cost-effectiveness through superior customer service and the Total Value Commitment. Mar-Bal, Inc. operates manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Virginia and Missouri.

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