Industry News: ACMA has launched CompositesLab

July 23, 2015

As active members of the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA), we are very proud to announce that ACMA has launched CompositesLab, a comprehensive online guide to the composites industry. The one-stop shop for composites includes original content and provides an in-depth look at what composites are, how they are used, their benefits, and how they stack up against other materials.

This website will help to provide engineers, young and old, to find valuable resources about composites within various industries.  One of the key areas of the website will be the benefits section which provides the visitor with key physical attributes of the material technology.  As stated by the CompositesLab website, “Composites have permeated our everyday lives: They are used in the cars we drive, golf clubs we swing, pipes that remove wastewater from our neighborhoods and much more. Some applications, such as rocket ships, probably wouldn’t get off the ground without composite materials. Composites offer many benefits. Key among them are strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, design flexibility and durability.”

Visit the website now to learn more!