Family Business Conference & Family Business Achievement Awards

September 19, 2019

Mar-Bal Among Seventeen Family Business Achievement Award Honorees for 2019

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Since 2012, the Family Business Conference & Family Business Achievement Awards is an interactive workshop with leading industry experts that provides the type of actionable insight necessary to plan for a smooth transition of family businesses. Beginning with our event in 2019, we have combined the Business Longevity Awards with this conference to also recognize non-family organizations who have reached at least 50 years in business and learn how they have evolved through the years. Hear from a dynamic line up of panelists as they share real life examples of what separates success stories from failures. This networking breakfast and interactive workshop will offer perspectives from both industry experts and actual family business owners to address this and other issues facing both family-owned and non-family businesses every day.

The Family Business & Business Longevity Conference currently takes place in Cleveland.

Eligible Family Business Achievement Award nominees must have a minimum of two family members involved in the organization, and be privately held. A family member is defined as siblings, spouses, children, grandchildren, or cousins. They may be from a single generation or multi-generations. Eligible Business Longevity Award nominees must have been in business for a minimum of 50 years. Nominees for both awards must a have a physical location in Northeast Ohio.

Mar-Bal Inc., a second-generation, family-owned business, was founded by Cleveland-based tool and die engineer Jim Balogh in 1970. Balogh employed his two sons, Scott Balogh — current President and CEO—and Steven Balogh—Executive Vice President—in his plastic and injection molding company from an early age, through junior high and high school. The brothers rejoined the business in their 30s after graduating college and working elsewhere.

Since their involvement in the business, Mar-Bal Inc. has more than doubled its sales. The Baloghs have found success through constant process innovation and improvement.

Leading the largest capital expansion in the company’s history last year, they now boast ownership of the leading integrated composites compounding and molding facility in the world, from a technology standpoint, out of Painesville, Ohio.

Today, the business employs 500 people across three manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Missouri and Virginia; a research and development center in Ohio; a plant in Taizhou, China; and a sales office in Shanghai.

Recruiting leaders in the plastics industry, the Balogh brothers have built up their father’s business to serve a number of industries, with most clients ranked as Fortune 1000 companies. Focused on innovation and new product development, as well as integration within customers’ operations, the pair carry on Mar-Bal’s proud legacy of excellence and value.

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