Composites for Renewables, EV Chargers & Energy Management Equipment

With the rapidly accelerating momentum toward renewables and green energy solutions, Mar-Bal’s materials engineering experts deliver solutions for wind, solar, EV charging, energy storage and management. 

For more than 50 years, Mar-Bal has been serving Electrical Equipment OEMs with U.S. based materials engineering, fully controlled by our in-house, state-of-the-art laboratory.

As the largest supplier of BMC molded, UL Listed Standoff Insulators in North America, Mar-Bal supplies the largest electrical equipment manufacturers. Unsurpassed in the electrical equipment supply industry, Mar-Bal materials are used in a variety of electrical applications including panel boards, switchgear, breakers, power distribution and power supply units, inverters, EV charging stations, and renewable energy.

Mar-Bal continues to innovate to meet the growing needs of the new energy market, leading with four progressive standoff insulator lines including Slim Line / Wrench Face, NEMA, UL and ISO rated insulators. Explore our Innovative Insulator Solutions and Searchable Standoff Insulator Matrix to fit your specific needs.

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