Colleague Focus – Steve Gallimore

September 20, 2016

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Colleague Focus – Meet Steve Gallimore


This edition of our Colleague Focus features Steve Gallimore

Steve serves as the Production Supervisor for Mar-Bal and works at our manufacturing plant located in Dublin, Virginia.  Steve has over 18 years with Mar-Bal and will be celebrating his 19th year with Mar-Bal on October 1.

When we asked Steve what his favorite part of working for Mar-Bal, he stated, “The everyday challenge of trying something new.” When we asked Steve to share his proudest moment at Mar-Bal, he stated “When I took over the finishing department and we built it into the department it is today.” The Virginia Plant has expanded the finishing capabilities over the past few years with investments in equipment and skills.  Steve was instrumental with other team members in this expansion at the Plant.

When asked how Mar-Bal has helped Steve with his career development, he said, “Learning about how to work with people and the experience with the setup and programing of the CNC machines.”

We then moved to some personal questions with Steve and when we asked him about his favorite meal and he shared, “Tenderloin and gravy with a side of apple butter, but I also love some prime rib and baked potatoes.”  When asked about the person that Steve admires the most, he responded, “My Dad he is gone now but he taught me a lot over the years about fixing cars and doing farm work. I miss him every day.”

my-wife-lisa-and-iSteve shared his favorite vacation spot with us, “The Great Smokey Mountains, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.” He mentioned that his two favorite television shows are The Big Bang Theory and The Andy Griffith Show. We asked Steve what he liked to do in his spare time and he stated, “I Enjoy fishing and Riding my Harley we do a lot of charity rides but most of all I love spending all the time I can with my loving wife Lisa.”




riding-motorcycle me-sitting-on-the-bike

Steve – Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

We are very proud to call you a colleague.