Colleague Focus – Rose Manuel

May 17, 2018

Colleague Focus – Meet Rose Manuel

We firmly believe one of Mar-Bal’s greatest assets is our people. We’d like to introduce you to one of those people, Rose Manuel, or if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Rose, let you learn more about her. Rose is the Human Resources Manager at our Dublin, Virginia plant and is approaching her 12th year with the company.

Time and time again, the quality of our hardworking people is brought to light by those featured in Colleague Focus. Thankfully this edition is no different. When asked, Rose states that her favorite part about working for Mar-Bal is her coworkers. “The people… I love all the people I work with as well as all the new people I get to meet”.

Speaking on someone she admires, Rose enthusiastically talks about her mother. Rose’s admiration stems from her mother’s work ethic saying that she could have already retired but chooses to continue working. She goes on to say she would like to believe that same work ethic was instilled in her as well.

Rose’s career at Mar-Bal is a testament to her work ethic, joining our team nearly 12 years ago as a press operator and after several promotions through the years, achieved her current position. Touching on how Mar-Bal has helped Rose with her career development she says, “Mar-Bal saw my potential and gave me a shot and has supported me ever since”. This led Rose into her proudest moment at Mar-Bal which was the day she received her promotion to HR Manager.

It’s evident from her answers that Rose prefers the simpler things when discussing favorite foods, vacation destinations and what she does in her free time. Her favorite food is essentially anything that she doesn’t have to cook herself because although she has the ability, she has never been a big fan of it. Admittedly, she’d rather be at home with nothing to do rather than deal with the headaches that can come with planning, packing and traveling for a vacation. Between her husband, three kids and ultra hyper Boxer puppy, Rose says her household doesn’t have an abundance of time to relax. However in her words, “…when we do have a few minutes we like to hang out around the fire pit and watch the world go by”.

Rose, we’re certainly glad you decided to pursue a career with Mar-Bal and hope that things settle down enough so that you and your family get some extra time to sit by the fire!