Colleague Focus – Robin Hemphill

September 18, 2018

Colleague Focus – Meet Robin Hemphill

Mar-Bal prides itself on its hardworking enthusiastic employees. The team behind Mar-Bal makes all of the moving parts come together. This edition of Colleague Focus will highlight one of our newer members of the Mar-Bal team, Robin Hemphill.

Robin is the Materials Manager for AlraSet and is one of the strong forces behind Mar-Bal’s success. In a short time, Robin has made a lasting impact on the Mar-Bal legacy. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Robin, take the time to learn more about her life.

Robin attended the Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Wellness. She graduated as a Certified Health Education Specialist. Since then, she has developed 10 years’ experience in managing purchasing, scheduling and inventory control systems in manufacturing environments.

When asked about her favorite part of Mar-Bal, Robin replied “the people I work with!” She believes our production team is like no other and is pleasured to work for and alongside them. Since starting at Mar-Bal, Robin’s proudest moments center around setting up the warehouse at Mar-Bal’s newest plant in Painesville, OH. The warehouse and racks are not yet perfect. “But we are edging closer.” Said Robin.

Mar-Bal inspires to uplift their employees. Robin’s responsibilities for the company help her grow in her professional development. “I have been able to strengthen my purchasing skills.” exclaimed Robin. She continued to explain how strengthening one skill helped her refine inventory and management skills. This challenges her to create growth in all aspects of the supply chain.

We asked Robin who she looks up to in her daily life. “My best friend, Sarah Sanzo. She has an amazing story, and she gets it done every day.” Said Robin. “Every setback is met full force and she knocks them out of the way and makes life better for everyone around her.”

Although Mar-Bal prides its work environment, the leaders of the company want employees to enjoy life outside of work. When Robin isn’t working, she enjoys vacationing anywhere with family and friends. Robin enjoys comfort foods. She described her favorite meal as pot roast, carrots, mashed potatoes and lots of real gravy. “Banana cream pie for desert.” Added Robin.

Mar-Bal is lucky to have such a genuine and hardworking member of the team. Thank you, Robin, for all your efforts to make Mar-Bal great!