Colleague Focus – Payne Hao

April 25, 2019

Colleague Focus – Meet Payne Hao

This edition of our Colleague Focus will spotlight Payne Hao, a Material Manager at our Taizhou facility in China, which celebrated its Grand Opening last January. Payne Hao received his Bachelor’s degree from the Qingdao University of Science and Technology before joining Mar-Bal. The mentorship of his professors was such an integral part of receiving his degree that he continues to admire them well after graduation.

Payne Hao has been part of the Taizhou team for a little over three years and began making an impact not long after arriving. His favorite part about working for Mar-Bal is that he has the ability to test new ideas and determine their effectiveness right at the plant.

Payne Hao’s proudest moment at Mar-Bal was being tasked with overseeing the quality of a proprietary product, and ensure it was manufactured to exceed customer expectations. When speaking of the Taizhou facility, he describes it as an educational atmosphere and that he is continually learning something new. Although his time with Mar-Bal has been rather short, he likens his time with the company to transforming from a boy to a man in regard to his knowledge and confidence in dealing with BMC.

Family is of high importance to Payne Hao, as he stated his parents were also essential in his education and they too have taught him much throughout his life. Outside of the plant he enjoys the simple things – spending time at home with his family enjoying each other’s company or preparing his favorite home cooked meal of spicy chicken together.   

We appreciate your eagerness to learn and commitment to innovation within thermoset composites Payne Hao, thank you for being a member of our team!