Colleague Focus – Meet Scott Lauth

April 11, 2016

Colleague Focus – Meet Scott Lauth

 This edition of our Colleague Focus is centered on Scott Lauth.

20150725_171638This week the spotlight is on Scott Lauth. Scott has been with Mar-Bal for six years and is a Shift Supervisor at our Missouri plant.

We asked Scott what his favorite part about working for Mar-Bal was and he replied, “The people, the focus of individuals to the good of the team.”

Scott has several proud moments that stand out to him during his time with Mar-Bal. He shared that his proudest moments are, “When we accomplish something no one thought we could, so there have been several of those moments.”

When we asked how Mar-Bal has helped with his career development Scott talked about the company’s atmosphere. “Since day one there’s been an atmosphere of ‘This can go as far as you want to take it,’ and every opportunity has been given to help me succeed,” Scott shared.

Scott shared with us his admiration for his father. “He’s never afraid to tackle a problem or project regardless of whether or not he has any expertise in the particular scope required,” Scott said. “If he needs something done, he’ll learn to do it for himself.”

20150425_091704Getting to know Scott on a personal level he
shared that his favorite television show is Mythbusters. He couldn’t choose one favorite home-cooked meal, and said that it was a photo finish between chili and barbecue pork steaks. Scott is still on the hunt for his favorite vacation spot. In his free time Scott’s adventurous side comes out. He enjoys spending time with friends and family and barbecuing, camping or fishing. In the fall and winter he spends most of his time hunting.

Thanks for everything you do, Scott! Keep up the great work.