Colleague Focus – Meet Russ Farrell

February 16, 2016

Colleague Focus – Meet Russ Farrell

profileThis edition of our Colleague Focus is centered on Russ Farrell.

Russ has been with Mar-Bal for two and a half years. He works as a Quality Manager at our Cuba, Missouri Facility.

Russ was instrumental in Mar-Bal’s last ISO audits in Ohio and Virginia. He traveled to both locations to assist in the preparation work and walk through the audits with the teams, which was instrumental in the successful re-certification and was very much appreciated. Russ shared with us his favorite aspect about working for Mar-Bal. “I like that I get to meet and work with so many different people from all the locations and departments,” Russ said.

Russ feels that his proudest moments at Mar-Bal are, “Every time we get customer approval on a new product or ISO certification.”

Interacting with customers has helped Russ with his career development. “I have learned so much about tactfully handling people,” Russ explained. “Mar-Bal has allowed me to get a great deal of direct interaction with our customers. Although it’s frustrating sometimes it’s also very rewarding at times.”

Taking a step back and learning about Russ’ personal life gave us the opportunity to get to know him a little better. We always love to learn who our employees look up to and why, and Russ’ role model is very special.

“[I look up to] my mother for sure. I lost my father at an early age and my mother stepped up and served as a father and a mother for most of my life,” Russ shared. “She battled cancer for the last five years with a toughness that I will never achieve, she really is my rock.”

Outside of the office, Russ stays busy coaching youth sports, including basketball and baseball. He isn’t a huge fan of TV, but does watch The Walking Dead.

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Chicken and dumplings is one Russ’ favorite meals. However, when Russ gets his hands on a spatula you can find him at a grill, with his chosen entrée being rib eye steak. “I am a self-proclaimed ‘Master Griller’,” Russ proudly shared, “Friday night ‘steak nights’ at the Farrell house are legendary.”


Russ heads down south to unwind for vacation. Charleston, South Carolina or the Gulf Shores of Alabama are two of his favorite spots. However he is, “pretty happy anywhere there is sand and an ocean.”

Thank you for all you contribute to Mar-Bal, Russ. We appreciate you very much!