Colleague Focus – Meet Mary Misseri

March 17, 2016

Colleague Focus – Meet Mary Misseri

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This edition of our Colleague Focus is centered on Mary Misseri.

Mary QW ProfPicThis week we had the pleasure of getting to know Mary, an Account Receivable Coordinator, from our Chagrin Falls, OH location. Mary has been a part of the Mar-Bal family for three years and opened up about her experiences at Mar-Bal and her personal life.

Mary gives credit to her husband, Sam, for helping her find out about her current position. Sam saw Maria Gaeta’s job posting about the open position at Mar-Bal, and it turned out to be the perfect fit for Mary.


Mary (center) is pictured with our Asia Office colleagues during their visit to the USA. Julie Wang (L) and Linda Xu (R).

Mary (center) is pictured with our Asia Office colleagues during their visit to the USA in 2015. Julie Wang (L) and Linda Xu (R).

When we asked Mary what her favorite part about working for Mar-Bal was she shared her motivation and desire to come to work everyday. “Mar-Bal is a great fit her me-I love what I do and I enjoy the people I work with, both at the corporate office, as well as the people at the plants, Mary shared. “I am truly happy to come to work each day.”

Mary exclaimed that “through perseverance, finally collecting on a long past due invoice” was one of her proud moments. “I also feel good when I can quickly respond to the needs of the customers and the Customer Service Reps at the plants,” she said. “I want to do what I can to make their day run as smoothly as possible.”

In addition to Mary’s evident determination and hard work at Mar-Bal, her position has also assisted with her career development. “I learned many years ago to “think owner” when performing a job. Mar-Bal has given me the opportunity to do that by allowing me to perform my job without having anyone micro-manage my day,” Mary said. “If I need advice or assistance, I can always call on the appropriate person and receive help or information I need.”

Many individuals make up the person Mary is today, but one person in particular has made a lasting impact. “The person I am today is a compilation of many nuggets of wisdom I have picked up from multiple people in my life, but one special person who really stands out is Rick Brott, a former boss and owner of a cosmetology academy where I worked teaching adult students after becoming a licensed managing cosmetologist,” Mary explained. “My experiences at the academy transformed my life and I am so grateful to Rick and for that period of my life.”

Mary at IndigoGetting to know Mary on a more personal level, we learned that her favorite home-cooked meal is any meal her husband makes. In particular, she talked about his arancini–Italian rice balls stuffed with meat, mozzarella and peas, breaded and deep-fried.

Mary’s perfect vacation spot is something many would agree with. She shared that she loves to go anywhere tropical with sunshine, sand, palm trees and warm breezes.

Mary enjoys trying new things and experiencing life with her husband. “I moved to Cleveland in 2010 and I have been to restaurants and other wonderful places all around the Cleveland area thanks to him, Mary said. “My favorite times are when Sam asks if I want to go here, there or on an ‘adventure’. I always choose adventure if that’s an option! We then go to a new restaurant, winery or ball game. Whatever it is, we have a fun time!” Mary with Beautiful scene

We loved getting to know you better, Mary. THANK YOU for your passion and hard work. We are proud to call you our colleague!