Colleague Focus – Meet Mark Booth

January 20, 2016

This edition of our Colleague Focus is centered on Mark Booth. 

Mark Booth

Mark is responsible for the scheduling of our manufacturing operations at our Virginia Plant, located in Dublin, which has compression molding and finishing capabilities. In the role as Scheduler, Mark has responsibilities for 34 presses and nearly 700 part numbers. Mark has been a member of the Mar-Bal Virginia Plant for over 5 1/2 years.  Mark mentioned that his favorite part of Mar-Bal is “I enjoy working with the people”.  Also, when asked about his proudest moment at Mar-Bal, Mark said, “When I became a Scheduler.”

When the question about how Mar-Bal helped him with his career development, Mark responded, “I worked 31 years in the rubber business and it is a big change from rubber mixing to molding parts – but I learn something new daily.”

VA Plant Photo SM 2

Mar-Bal Virginia Plant – Dublin, VA Compression Molding and Finishing Operations – MAP IT

On the personal side of Mark’s life, he outlined that his favorite meal is steak and potatoes and that his dad is the one that he looks up to. Mark explained why he chose his dad, “My dad because he loved us and taught us to never give up.”

He stated that the Bahamas is his favorite vacation spot and enjoys watching Alaska the Last Frontier on the television.

What does Mark like to do in his spare time? Mark said, “Wood working and playing with grand babies.”

Thanks for everything you do Mark – keep up the amazing work!