Colleague Focus – Meet Gavin Yuan



February 14, 2017

This edition of our Colleague Focus features Gavin Yuan.

Celebrating his third year with the company this August as Manager of Asia Pacific Sales, Gavin’s favorite aspect of Mar-Bal is the family atmosphere. He also lists Mar-Bal’s cooperative nature, caring managers, and humble demeanor throughout the workplace as reasons he enjoys working here. When asked about his proudest moments with the company, he stated the excitement of working with clients in industries such as wind energy, power generation and electrical distribution.

Gavin attended Nanjing University of Science and Technology, majoring in Automation and graduating with a bachelor’s degree. He received his master’s from Zhejiang University, studying Automation Control.

We asked Gavin how Mar-Bal has helped with his career development to which he replied, “Mar-Bal brought me in during a tough time in my career after I was laid off by my previous employer. They were very supportive and kept encouraging me to open up to more opportunities. Working here has pushed me to develop new skills and change my way of thinking, broadening my horizons dramatically.”

Like many of us at Mar-Bal, Gavin enjoys food! “All good foods are welcome [at my table] I love food. Spicy foods are good; I like hot pot (ingredients are placed into a simmering pot of stock and cooked at the table), vinegar-pepper soup, and Thai food.” Some other favorites he included are chicken wings, steak, pizza, fresh water fish, seafood and also homemade dumplings. Meals are an important time for Gavin’s family as his wife believes they are very important for family communication. They will cook together, eat and often go for a walk or a short hike afterward.

Gavin tells us that his wife is someone he looks up to because she thinks bigger and deeper than he does. “My wife changed me a lot. There are many cases in our life where she changed my mind and has moved me deeply. I’m so lucky to enjoy my life with her!”

Outside of the office Gavin loves traveling with his family. While there are many great destinations, he says one place in particular is a family favorite, “Sanya, located in the southernmost point of China’s mainland. Some people call it Oriental Hawaii or The Sunshine City.” His family enjoys the warmth, sand and water, but mostly the time spent together.

Thank you so much Gavin for your hard work and dedication, we are proud to call you a colleague!