Colleague Focus – Meet Cory Panich

December 5, 2016

This edition of our Colleague Focus features Cory Panich

cory-panich-head-shotCory serves as a Rebuild Technician with the Advanced Manufacturing Group (AMG) for Mar-Bal and works at our Research and Development Center located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Cory has been with Mar-Bal for over 3 years now.

When we asked Cory what his favorite part of working for Mar-Bal, he stated, “The co-workers that I work with feel like family.” When we asked him about his proudest moment, he mentioned, “When me and my partners finished our first machine rebuild and the feeling of accomplishment when it was being run-off.”


When asked how Mar-Bal has helped Cory with his career development, he said, “I have worked in cory-panich-cookingplastics for over 18 years total now and Mar-Bal gave me a chance to see firsthand how the equipment is designed and how it operates to make a finished product. Also, they have trained my on mixers and extruders which I had not worked on before.”

We then moved to some personal questions with Cory and when we asked him about his favorite meal and he shared, “Homemade chicken and dumplings.” When asked about the person that Cory admires the most, he responded, “My father – and one quote that he always told me was ‘Work hard and good things will come’.”

Cory shared his favorite vacation spot with us, “Kalahari with my family is the greatest.” He mentioned that his favorite television show is The Big Bang Theory. We asked Cory what he liked
to do in his spare time and he stated, “I enjoy family and golf.”

older-children-cory-panich young-children-cory-panich

Cory – Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

We are very proud to call you a colleague.

Note – Pictured with Cory are his children:
Adam – 13 years old
Alyssa – 9 years old