Colleague Focus – Meet Carolyn Calfee

April 27, 2016

Colleague Focus – Meet Carolyn Calfee

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This edition of our Colleague Focus is centered on Carolyn Calfee.

Carlolyn Calfee

Carolyn Calfee, Mar-Bal Virginia Plant Colleague

This week we spent some time getting to know Carolyn. She has worked at Mar-Bal for nearly 19 years and is a press operator at our Virginia plant.

Carolyn has been described as very knowledgeable and has near perfect attendance at Mar-Bal. Eric Stump a little bit about Carolyn that showed her shining personality. “One of our Customers representatives gives her a big hug when he comes in (Oscar Guarin, Schneider Electric Corporate Tooling Manager), as she has run some of the more complex tooling we have due to her experience and pride in workmanship, so she always runs the Sq D push rods when he is here,” Eric said.

Eric Stump, Mar-Bal Virginia Plant Manager

Eric Stump, Mar-Bal Virginia Plant Manager


Carolyn’s favorite part of her position is, “Helping the new hires produce quality product.”

When we asked how Mar-Bal has helped with her career development Carolyn shared, “Learning new things everyday about our product, it helps with the quality of what you’re making.”

Looking further into Carolyn’s long career at Mar-Bal, she explained that her proudest moments are the little things. “A simple thank you or good job from my supervisor makes me feel appreciated,” she said.

Carolyn admires and looks up to her son. “He is a 20 year marine and an outstanding dad,” Carolyn shared. “He makes me so proud.” Her son has served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in the Marine Corps. In addition, he has an outstanding record.

When it comes to the little things in life Carolyn told us that her favorite vacation spot is Top Sail Beach in North Caroline. We agree that nothing beats a relaxing getaway where there is sand and water!

Ending the day with a home-cooked meal is always enjoyable. Carolyn’s favorite meal? “Tenderloin and gravy with pinto beans and cornbread.” Her favorite television show is Power and she enjoys spending her free time with her sisters.

Thank you for everything you do Carolyn – Keep up the amazing work!