Colleague Focus – Meet Caleb Bland

August 21, 2017

Colleague Focus – Meet Caleb Bland


In this edition of the Colleague Focus, we’re featuring the Maintenance Supervisor for our Missouri Plant, Caleb Bland. Caleb began his career with Mar-Bal in 1997 at the age of 26.

Caleb states that he has come a long way in his 20 years with Mar-Bal learning skills during that time that are not only applicable to work, but his life as well. His favorite part about working for Mar-Bal is the work itself because he enjoys the tasks and responsibilities that come with his position in addition to his co-workers which he says are fun.

When it comes to food Caleb isn’t too picky. “My favorite home-cooked meal is anything that consists of meat and taters, but any home-cooked meal is good especially when it’s being served up by my mom or wife.” He’s equally as easy to please when it comes to deciding his favorite vacation spot, “They are all my favorites as long as I am with my loved ones, nothing better than that.”

It is evident from his answers that family is an important part of Caleb’s life which is why he fits in perfectly at Mar-Bal. Recalling his proudest moment with the company, Caleb talks about the pride he felt working alongside his son for the three months before he left for basic training with the military. This time meant a great deal to him as a father and he extends a special thanks to those that made it a possibility. He lists his own father as a person he admires, referring to him as his best friend. Being honest, respectful, doing the right thing, the importance of hard work, never give up and always be grateful for what you have are a number of the many lessons Caleb’s father taught him.

We certainly are grateful to be considered part of Caleb’s “extended family” and would like to thank him for so many years of hard work.

Thank you Caleb!