Colleague Focus – Matt Brill

Colleague Focus – Let’s Meet Matt Brill













Get introduced to Matt Brill, our Manager of Information Technology in this edition of Colleague Focus. Matt has been with us for 5 years and states his proudest moments to be any time he can use his expertise to help others out of a tough situation.

Matt’s favorite part of working for Mar-Bal is self-admittedly redundant, but for good reason. “I know this is said often here, but there is a reason for that, and so I will be unoriginal and also say it is the people. The atmosphere is positive, people treat each other with respect, and whenever there is a problem that must be solved, everyone works together to solve it.”

He credits two of his supervisors with helping his career development while here. “I’ve been lucky to work directly for two great people at Mar-Bal, both of whom have taught me a great deal about working with people, our business, and business in general, which, especially being in a technical field, has helped me consistently.”

Like many, he admires his parents because of the lessons they taught and the sacrifices they made to provide for their family. “I can’t mention one without the other, so I’ll say my parents. My father worked hard to make sure our family was always taken care of. He traveled a fair amount for work, but when he was home he always found time to spend with us and keep us entertained with his sense of humor. My mother, who should be on a short list for sainthood, worked tirelessly to raise the 5 of us while working on and off as a registered nurse, did so with patience and understanding, and along with my father taught us by example as much as by their words.”


While Matt has many talents, unfortunately cooking is not one of them. Luckily that is not the case for his wife Katrina whom he is quick to compliment – “Amongst her many other talents, my wife Katrina is a great cook – thankfully as we’d be in trouble if we had to rely on my cooking “skills”. She can throw together something excellent from just about anything. If I had to pick one meal, though, I’d say her spring rolls with peanut sauce.”

Everyone at Mar-Bal is very much appreciative of Matt’s willingness to jump on any tasks assigned to him and the positivity he brings to the workplace. Thank you Matt, and hopefully you enroll in some cooking classes soon!