Colleague Focus – Lisa Weber

August 16, 2019

Colleague Focus – Meet Lisa Weber 

Lisa Weber joined Mar-Bal in 1990 as a Machine Operator and worked her way to Customer Service, Shipping and Receiving Manager of our Cuba, Missouri facility. Lisa’s career is a testament to her work ethic which was instilled in her by both parents who taught her the importance of hard work. “I look up to my parents Billy and Vickey Gilliam, they are hard workers and are always willing to help others. They have both taught me a lot over the years about how important it is to work hard and believe in people”.

While Lisa has undoubtedly grown in her 29 years with Mar-Bal and reflected on her prosperity along the way, she admittedly has enjoyed watching the company flourish during this time as well. She goes on to say that working at Mar-Bal has allowed her to meet a lot of great people which not only includes colleagues but also our customers.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to Lisa as she lists her proudest achievements during her career is any instance that she was able to exceed customer expectations. This mindset in addition to her work ethic and countless other qualities are what make her such an important part of the company.

The importance of family to Lisa is immediately evident when speaking about what she enjoys outside of work. Her favorite activities include quality time with her husband, son and daughter, getting outside to garden and also venturing to open water for a day of kayaking. When it comes to vacations she doesn’t have a preference of where she travels, as long as her family is by her side.

We greatly appreciate all of Lisa’s hard work ever since her first day back in March of 1990 and we’re certain her colleagues in Missouri and beyond do as well. Thank you Lisa!