Industrial Products Composite Materials

Composites Enhance Industrial Products

Industrial products that include composite materials are lighter, corrosion resistant, and require less maintenance than products made with older materials like steel, cast iron, or wood. Mar-Bal, a leader in thermoset compounds, produces composites used in a variety of industrial products to enhance performance and provide durability that lasts.

In an industrial environment, equipment often operates non-stop to produce goods at high speeds and large volumes. Over time, wear and tear can reduce efficiency, decrease output quality, and impact operator safety. The use of composites can offset these risks by upholding structural integrity and reducing maintenance time and expenses throughout repeated and heavy use.

Industrial Product Applications

The manufacturing environment has advanced dramatically in the last three decades. Equipment has become more sophisticated and the Internet has impacted processes through connectivity. While these changes have resulted in more output and improved quality, the equipment required must withstand mechanical wear and tear while accommodating the technology that has automated many industrial applications. Older, heavy equipment can slow processes, require more maintenance and hinder operations.

As industrial product engineers sought ways to improve equipment, they looked to composites as a substitute for heavier metals. Today, composites can be found throughout manufacturing and production industries. Common applications include:

  • Industrial fans
  • Robotic arms
  • Equipment attachments
  • Chutes
  • Knobs
  • Gears
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Scrubbers
  • Hoods
  • Pressure vessels

Industrial product advancements have brought challenges for engineers and manufacturers. Staying ahead of the latest developments in industrial product design and production processes requires innovation and the ability to utilize the latest materials to reduce equipment weight to enhance operational performance.

Lasting Performance and Adaptability

Today’s industrial equipment includes multiple functions within one piece of equipment. What was once a specific-use piece of machinery may now load, produce, finish, and unload a piece of a finished good. In this segment of the industry, performance is more critical than aesthetic appeal.
Industrial products utilizing thermoset composites offer:

  • Dimensional stability for lasting performance
  • Thermal stability to withstand heat
  • Corrosion resistance for deterioration-free operation
  • Lighter weight to reduce operating costs and improve performance
  • Efficiency
  • Combination of multiple parts into one part for less maintenance
  • Sound baffling for a less noisy operating environment

For more than 45 years, Mar-Bal has innovated to meet the demands of the rapidly changing industrial products industry.

Significant Investment Requires Good Returns

Industrial product development and production requires a significant investment. It is an expensive undertaking that must return the investment within the life of the equipment to maintain profitable operations. As industrial products continue to evolve, the initial cost of additional features and capabilities is likely to increase which will make reliable performance more important in the industrial products segment.

Many industrial applications are found in difficult environments with chemicals, a range of temperatures, and hard-to-reach locations within equipment. This makes maintenance a costly challenge. The reliability of composites can reduce maintenance and equipment failure which can save time and money.

Industry Experience

Mar-Bal has engineered and produced the best thermoset composites for industrial product applications for almost 50 years. The company’s commitment to innovation will continue to match the evolution of the industrial products industry.

When you work with Mar-Bal, you get composites engineered and molded to your exact industrial products specifications, every time.