Anniversaries and Milestones

Mark Elliott Celebrates 25 Years of Perfect Attendance with Mar-Bal
May 9, 2019May 9th of this year was a day of recognition for Mark Elliott who works out of our Cuba, Missouri facility. In addition to celebrating his work anniversary of 25 years with Mar-Bal, Mark’s landmark achievement of perfect attendance during that time was also acknowledged.

His dedication is not only evident through his attendance record, but also through his attitude and attention to quality each day on the job. In addition to being an inspiration to his colleagues in Missouri, Mark’s commitment has created an impact that extends throughout the company as we all work towards a common goal.

While Mark’s accomplishment certainly is outstanding, we are thankful to be surrounded by others that have reached similar milestones. Within the past few years, members of the Mar-Bal family have retired after long careers. Bob Taylor also in Missouri, retired after 33 years, William Sprungl handed in his last production card in Ohio after 18 years, Chip Noe spent 13 as an engineer at our Corporate Office and was followed in retirement by fellow engineer George Lin after 28 years and Duane Fellenger, who served as a BMC Quality Tech for our BMC Department also in Ohio, retired after 22 years. 

As Steven Balogh, Mar-Bal Executive Vice-President has stated, “You don’t have a great company without great people. It’s people that make the company, it’s not the machines, it’s not actually the products that we make, it’s the people because that’s how we get to the end product – that’s how we win customers over”. It’s the hard work from these people whether they have been with Mar-Bal for two years or twenty, that help us to continue to be an industry leader and The One-Source Solutions Provider.